Saturday, June 19, 2010

oh well.......... *maybe just maybe*

Since you've been gone I've been lonely..
Longing to be with you only..
Maybe there's still is a way I could find u and say..
just how I feel I can't believe that it's over..
Wished somehow I could have showed him..
all that was inside my heart 'stead of playing the games, You might have stayed.. funny just the other night.. I was thinking.. I wondered if u ever think about me.. I call u on the phone.. there's no answer.. :(

oh well.. There's still tomorrow.. Oh well.. I'll try again.. Oh well.. Maybe just maybe..

If there's a way I could beg you to stay Would you please.. Stay with me? I was thinking maybe I.. could come over... Hoping that we could finally.. work this out...Even if tonight ..we don't dont find an answer.. If I had another chance We would stand hand in hand You'd be my man I'd be ur girl, Oh well.. maybe just maybe we can, I still call you on the fone.. still no answer..Maybe later on I'll try.. one more time or Am I just a fool? To keep trying..Oh well.. There's still tomorrow.. Oh well.. A fool's what I am Oh well.. Maybe just maybe.. See if I bend on my knees and give you all of me, Oh well there's still tomorrow.. Oh well I'll try again Oh well.. please.. just maybe..

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